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i like it bet its not smooth it is laggy

yeah I know and I'm not sure why, probably because I made the physics continuous instead of for the singles frames

How you going man? Schools back on now, so yeah... how’s life

i think its cool and a relexing game but its endless i think it would be better with multiple levels  

How do I add levels to an endless game


make it not be endless lol  


It would be cool if there were multiple levels.

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it would be cool if I could code better in unity, this is just a starting project mate and also it's an endless runner so I can't add more "levels" unless of course you mean "if I get further in the game then new stuff happens" Which I also need more coding experience for. I really just need to do more unity tutorials :P. If you'd like to support me then consider following me! It would make my day and you'll see my new games that come out! Currently dk what to make, maybe you could give me ideas?

yknow theres loads you can do without code

also is everything moving toword you or are you moving the camera